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Cambodia Angkor Travel provides you an unforgettable service with the real Khmer hospitality. We promise to offer you a wonderful service and reasonable price, do our best to protect your interest and exceed your expectation. If you don’t want to be too risky with your journey in Cambodia, please let us find the way to assist your sweet day in Cambodia as you wish. Our transportation for tour in Siem Reap, Angkor namely: (Bicycle, Quad-bike, Tuk-Tuk, Car, Jeep, 4-WD, Minibus/Van and Buses). We arrange transportation for 24 municipalities and provinces in Cambodia.


Bicycle is quickly becoming a popular way to visit the temples. The roads between the main temples are paved and the distances are about right for a bicycle touring. Bicycles are common and will be wildly welcome in most small villages.

Oxen Cart
Oxen Cart

Take an oxen cart ride around the temples at Rolous group. Experience rural life-style on an oxcart or stay longer in a home stay.

Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk

It is the most popular form of transport to the Khmer temples. It is a large trailer hitched to a motorcycle and pretty much operates as a low tech local bus with natural air-conditioning. Motorcycle which has a cute little canopied trailer hitched to the back for 2-3 people in comfort. These make a great way to get the temples as you get the cool breeze of the bike, but some protection from the elements.

Car/Honda CRV/Toyota
Car/Honda CRV/Toyota

Car is generally only available with a driver and is only really useful for sightseeing around the Phnom Penh and Siem Reap Angkor. Here, it is usually a daily car extra charge, if you want to go to remote isolated temples and places.
Extra Service Charge:
1. Mey Chrey : 15$
2. Kompong Phluk : 15$
3. Kompong Khleang : 25$

4-WDs/Lexus/Land Cruisers
4-WDs/Lexus/Land Cruisers

Some tourists with a wealthy budget also arrange cars or 4 wheel drives with a driver for touring to the provinces heading into the remote and isolated provinces. Its price always rises, depending on the destination, and for those staying overnight the driver will also need looking after.
Base Rate For Remote Areas:
1. Siem Reap - Koh Kher Temple : 155$
2. Siem Reap - Banteach Chhmar Temple : 170$
3. Siem Reap - Preah Khan Kompong Svay : 210$
4. Siem Reap - Preah Vihear Temple : 220$


A kind of 12 or 15 seated van which is capable of carrying between 10 and 12 people on set tours of the temples. Minibus tours of the temples can be an economical idea.
Extra Service Charge:
1. Mey Chrey : 15$
2. Kompong Phluk : 15$
3. Kompong Khleang : 25$

Bus Vehicle
Bus Vehicle

A 25-35 seated-bus which can be suitable for 15-20 people or more. And a 35-seated-bus which would be more suitable for a group of 20-28 people. All the buses are well-maintained with Air conditioning and a driver is provided during your tour of Khmer temples.
Extra Service Charge:
1. Mey Chrey : 25$
2. Kompong Phluk : 25$
3. Kompong Khleang : 30$

Jeep Military Car
Jeep Military Car

Jeep is a four-with driver Russian military vehicle. It is usually here for an adventurous remote tour to the isolated countryside, where the roads are so bad. They actually look sculpted, sturdy Russian jeeps and high clearance pickups are the transport of choice. It is a good fun to do it. Note: All our jeep tours are private tours! The price of our jeep is charged per person in US dollars. Please kindly see our structured list as shown in the below statement:


Type of Vehicle Vehicle’s fee/day     Extra charge + remote temples in Siem Reap     Others
Vehicle for tour package Full Day Half Day  Tf In + Out Sunrise   B.Srey Kbal Spean  Koulen M.t  Beong Mealea  Koh Kher Preah Vihear
Car/Honda CRV/Toyota  35$  20$  10$  10$  10$  15$  45$  45$  75$  205$
MinibusVan(12-15)  45$  25$  12$  10$  15$  20$  50$  50$  75$  215$
HighLander/Lexus  85$  40$  30$  15$  25$  35$  45$  50$  75$  220$
25/35 seated-bus  90$  50$  20$  20$  25$  35$  75$  75$  85$  250$
Tuk-Tuk  15$   8$  7$  5$  7$  15$  N/A  25$  N/A  N/A
Note: The price of all kind of vehicle can be changed depends on the distance and demand from our clients!
Destination      Selling Rate    Exclusion   
One way transfer airport – hotel  $45 Guide
Siem Reap City (08.00AM – 17.00PM)  $55 Ticket
Angkor Wat, small circuit (08.00 AM till sunset)  $90 Meal
Angkor Wat, grand circuit (08.00 till sunset )  $95 Fee
BanteySrei + Kbal Spean  $100 Water
Phnom Kulen  $130 Snack
Beong Melea + Kampong Khleang  $135 Cold towel
Bantey Srey + Kampong Khleang  $135 Others
Kampong Khleang  $110  
Beong Mealea + Koh Kher  $165  
Koh Kher  $165  
Rolous Group + Chong Kneas  $95  
Rolous Group + Angkor Small circuit  $100  
Rolous Group + Siem Reap  $95  
Silk farm + Chong Kneas  $90  
Silk farm + Rolous Group  $90  
Rolous Group + Kampong Phluk  $90  
Beong Mealea  $115  
Beong Melea + Chong Kneas  $130  
Bantey Srei + Beong Melea  $130  
Phnom Kulen + Beong Melea  $155  
Meachrey floating Village  $75  
Bantey Srei + Kampong Pluk  $110  
Transfer Airport - hotel  $60  
Rolous Group  $75  
Rolous Group + Kampong Khleang  $115  
Chong Kneas  $75  
Bantey Srei + Landmine Museum  $100  
Sunset tour: 4pm till sunset  $70  
Extra charge for Sunrise  $17  
Extra charge after Sunset per hour  $17  

Note: If you want to book only a jeep and driver, we can offer you the following price. The maximum number of people is (3 Pax in one jeep). The price of our jeep is charged in US dollar per person.

  • Tour starts before 07:00 AM, considered as Sunrise, the extra charge will be $17 per jeep. After Sunset extra hour will be $17/hour.
  • Call us for a quote to other destinations. Please don’t rent jeeps without a driver!

(1). Selling Price:

  • Agent cannot advertise a commercial rate lower than our selling rate.
  • Agents are prohibited from selling jeep tours less than contracted rates. Any Agents violating this policy will constitute cancellation of this contract then full retail rates will apply in the future. Agent will be warned in writing once; a second written warning will implement cancellation.

(2). Group size:

  • All our jeep tours are private tours (1 jeep – 1-3 people), (2 jeeps 4- 6 people).
  • Total jeeps maximum 15 jeeps per time.

(3). To make a reservation:

(4). Cancellation Policy:

  • Same day cancellations will be 100% charged.
  • 01 days before the tour starts 50%.

(5). Payment Terms:

  • Payment will be collected in cash by Cambodian Angkor Travel on the same day.


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Our profit from tour-packages contribute directly to the local charity school to support "The poor, homeless, street, disabled, victim, destitute and orphans" in our community (Chongkoasou, Siem Reap). And it also enables us to participate in improving their quality of education, lifestyle, hygienic, clean water, while expecting and promoting cultural traditions and Khmer values.                       As you know that, Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world and is still facing the current problems surrounding poverty.